phantom of the paradise by Levi Buchanan


The Hollywood has a series of rock operas this month. Watched -- I mean, experienced -- "Phantom of the Paradise."  Total gonzo 70s flick by Brian de Palma, with music by Paul Williams (who wrote "Rainbow Connection"). Hugely fun riff on a bunch of different stories, from "Faust" to "Dorian Gray." And, of course, "Phantom of the Opera." Great costumes and sets. The effete Beef charicachture doesn't necessarily jive with 2015 sensibilities, although his number is one of the movie's highlights.


I've seen a lot of paint-by-numbers blockbusters this summer that were as joyless as they were loud. Catching classics at the Hollywood has been great counterprogramming.


Except for "Mad Max Fury Road." That was spectacular. 

frank by Levi Buchanan

Yesssss. Visited the Frank Sidebottom statue tonight. Love the differences between real Frank and movie Frank -- wonderful lessons in creativity and identity found in each.  If the flick is still on Netflix, I cannot recommend it highly enough.


black cloud vol. 2 by Levi Buchanan

Daemon and Geddes dropped a new jam this week, volume numero dos of the Black Cloud collab. "French Concession" is a breakout favorite in my corner of Portland. At under $4, it's a far better investment than that pumpkin spice sludge you were gonna buy today. Download it.