ghent by Levi Buchanan

First stop, the magnificent altarpiece at St. Bavo's, the crown jewel of Ghent. Gorgeous cathedral and a fitting home for one of the best religious works of art ever. 


Then... well, when in Belgium. 


frank by Levi Buchanan

Yesssss. Visited the Frank Sidebottom statue tonight. Love the differences between real Frank and movie Frank -- wonderful lessons in creativity and identity found in each.  If the flick is still on Netflix, I cannot recommend it highly enough.


caketown by Levi Buchanan

The best part of a walking city like Vienna is that when you're wandering 14-15 miles a day, "cake" is no longer a dirty word. The sachertorte, apfelstrudel... such good stuff. Tried the sachertorte at a few spots, including the coffeehouse in original Sacher Hotel. (BTW - The Viennese have it figured out in regards to coffeehouse culture.) But the best I had was over at Demel K + K. Not dry, the apricot jam isn't cloying, and presentation is impeccable.

Highly recommended. Hell, everything I experienced in Vienna is highly recommended. :)